See your business through the lens of your apps.

With integrated observability tools, you can explore the real-time performance of your apps, with deep insights into deployment, operations, security and even business contribution through on-premises IT and into every part of your cloud.

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Unlock deep insights into your application stack.

In the digital age, your application is your business. And the experience you serve up to your customers could be make or break. With so many links in the delivery chain, knowing what makes your app tick is hard enough, let alone troubleshooting it when things go wrong.

The need to observe and understand your app has never been so important – not just narrowly looking into performance, but expanding your vantage point to evaluate every connected piece of the application stack and its contribution to the experience you deliver – from software code to infrastructure, network to security.

Using world-class app observability tools, we can empower your business with deep insights into every on-premises, cloud or SaaS app your business relies on.

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Connect app insights to business outcomes

When your app is your business, the best way to interrogate performance is with deep insights into your application. We help you correlate observability with business metrics, to provide actionable insights that drive outcomes.

Emulate performance before migration

Observability isn’t restricted to monitoring live app performance. Use synthetic testing to assess the full impact of changes to your app, from a single line of code to migration to the public cloud.

Hold service providers to account

See the real-time service quality of the providers contributing to your application experience. Evaluate SaaS, ISPs, hosting and more. Reveal metrics that help you hold them to their commitments, while the ability to simulate changes to provider help you assess enhancements.

Underpinned by world-class technology.

We’ve carefully selected an elite portfolio of industry-leading and innovative technology partners to support the solutions we deliver. See the vendors we work with:

Cisco App Dynamics 
Spectro Cloud

Use case

Develop secure apps faster.

With an integrated DevSecOps approach, you can bring application delivery, security, and ongoing operations together to ensure safer apps for your business.

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