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Elevate the protection of business-critical apps.

Better protect every element of your application – through deployment to access – and secure new ways of working that emerge with the adoption of cloud native operating models.

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Secure digital transformation.

Every critical application deployed across your business presents a potential cyber security risk. Everything from unknown code to unsecured access from VPNs all increase the level of risk.

As your application landscape evolves and becomes distributed across clouds, securing delivery chains and the data exchanges occurring within them presents significant challenges.

We close down the security vulnerabilities of your apps, both pre-and post-deployment, and then secure access with best-in-class Zero Trust Network Architectures (ZTNA). This gives you confidence to take advantage of the benefits of moving applications into public clouds and SaaS as you adopt cloud native IT operating models.

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Protect applications regardless of where they run

With the pace of innovation so fast, businesses need to adopt application-led security approaches. We use unique technology that identifies and blocks threats that target individual lines of code no matter where your app is hosted. This is achieved with almost zero performance impact and ensures business resiliency is built from the inside out.

Accelerate zero trust security adoption

SaaS apps, remote working and more complex technology ecosystems have stretched traditional cyber security approaches. We help IT teams to bake Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) principles of least privilege into every layer of your technology stack. Using the world’s largest cloud security platform we ensure users, apps and devices can simply connect to your apps over any network, in any location.

Secure modern working models

Secure the adoption of flexible working models without compromising on user experience, by connecting to critical apps and data without the need for remote access VPN. We achieve seamless access to private applications, with less risk, less cost and less complexity.

Underpinned by world-class technology.

We’ve carefully selected an elite portfolio of industry-leading and innovative technology partners to support the solutions we deliver. See the vendors we work with:

Cisco App Dynamics 
Spectro Cloud

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Secure what matters with zero trust.

Elevate protection beyond perimeter defences with a Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) that protects users, data and apps with secure end-to-end connections.

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With a free PoV, we’ll demonstrate how you can adopt a new approach to networking and security, addressing modern vulnerabilities and better preparing you for a cloud native future.

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