Use Case: Integrated DevSecOps.

Practices and tooling for optimised and resilient app delivery.

Seamlessly integrate the deployment, operation, and security of your cloud native apps to optimise delivery and secure your digital experience.

Close gaps before you deploy.

Test new deployments in live production environments and review real run time performance indicators before release.

Identify code-level vulnerabilities.

Uncover unseen vulnerabilities embedded in the code of your apps, and shut the door on malicious exploits.

Secure app delivery chains.

See the highway of app delivery in full – every hop, step, and link to spot vulnerability indicators before they do harm.

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Unseen vulnerabilities scupper digital experience.

With the success of your business tied so closely to digital experience, any app delivery issue, operational snag, or security incursion could have a significant impact on your business.

As the demand for more apps grows and the velocity of software releases increases, security can no longer be tacked onto the end of the software development processes.

Deliver more-secure code faster and cheaper.

We help you embed security into every phase of the software development lifecycle, from initial design through integration, testing, deployment, and software delivery.

Visibility is key to our approach and centres on protecting applications from the inside-out, and creating a culture where app and security teams can better collaborate to engineer beautiful, but secure apps in the cloud.

Using app-first security tools and our DevSecOps and software development expertise we continuously surface security issues sooner in the lifecycle. This makes them simpler, cheaper, and faster to fix, without putting your agile DevOps processes and eventual app experience at risk.

Build your DevSecOps culture with great partners.

We’re proud to work with an industry-leading line-up of technology partners, harnessing their exceptional tools to deliver deep visibility and business insights.

Cisco App Dynamics 
Spectro Cloud

Devise your best DevSecOps cloud strategy.

Let us show you the value of truly integrated DevSecOps and see the impact on your app delivery chain for yourself. Start with a free Proof (PoV) of Value today.

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