Performance insight that’s good for IT but also your business.

Enhanced visibility across your IT environment is critical to application availability, performance and increasingly how your business achieves its goals.

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Measure the performance of your apps with business context.

In complex application environments, getting the right performance information to the right people at the right time is critical. For your IT teams, the goal is to reduce MTTR when issues arise and get to root cause without false alarms or misinformation. For the business, understanding how application performance impacts outcomes unlocks new vistas of insight.

Through unparalleled visibility into your complete application stack, we help you to remediate issues in real-time across software, infrastructure, network, and security so your apps keep delivering for your business.

At the same time, we tightly align the performance of your apps with business success – correlating IT data with business metrics like sales conversion, inventory, and revenue.

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Detect issues before they go critical – anywhere in your tech stack

Pinpointing root cause in a complex application delivery chain is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Every minute your app is offline or not performing, the business is being impacted.

We help you visualise your entire application landscape, observing every interconnect, network hop and API. We give you the foresight to know when an issue is likely to hit and which teams to mobilise when it does – all of which drastically reduces MTTR.

Make the big decisions about your app faster

Modern application management involves many high-stakes decisions – from tweaks to code to where you host.

We keep you ahead of the big decisions by simulating what change will mean for your app. Understanding what happens when you deploy new web services, or call a new database can be easily evaluated so you no longer over-plan for worst day scenarios and can make more informed decisions faster.

Map app performance to business outcome

Turn technical data on application availability and optimal performance into insight that counts for your business.

We show you how to connect the story of application performance with the metrics that matter. For the first time, IT teams can prove the value of new projects and innovations with business-oriented dashboards that power smarter decisions and support business goals.

Proud to work with the best.

By working with an elite portfolio of partners, we bring the full value of world-leading technology to your business.

Cisco App Dynamics 
Spectro Cloud

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Prepare for a cloud native future.

Ready your business for cloud and enhance application performance using cloud native architectures.

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