Use Case: Securing your business with Zero Trust.

Secure users, data and apps with Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA).

Protect and optimise your apps deployed in the cloud and extend cyber resilience beyond traditional perimeter security.

Continuously verify access.

Connect to apps directly and verify every user, device or workload to prevent lateral movement across your environment.

Optimise app delivery.

Harness direct-to-app connections to enable fast and secure access to corporate resources whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Support hybrid working models.

Support flexible working by connecting users, apps, and devices over any network, in any location using a secure cloud native platform.

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Widening attack surface creates vulnerabilities.

Increased use of cloud apps and demand for more flexible working is challenging the traditional perimeter of your corporate network – and expanding the attack surface for cyber criminals.

Traditional solutions like Firewalls and VPNs only go so far and leave exploit avenues for malicious attacks to compromise your network – gaining trusted access that allows them to infiltrate your business and seek out high-value assets.

Elevate protection with a Zero Trust exchange.

We help you implement a Zero Trust Network Architecture to capitalise on all the benefits of cloud native IT without compromising on cyber resilience.

Users connect to applications through a secure platform that verifies identity, assesses risk, and enforces access policy to protect and optimise end-to-end connections.

Direct access to apps eliminates the need for VPNs or other solutions that touch your corporate network. Once verified, secure connections through the cloud deliver the best experience to users.

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With a Proof of Value (PoV), we’ll show you how a Zero Trust Network Architecture can increase resilience as you work in the cloud.

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