SAP monitoring – the crucial cog in your business machine

Author: Tarkan Sualp

Widely acknowledged as a market-share leader in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space, many of the world’s largest organisations rely on SAP to power crucial elements of their business. And it’s not difficult to see why. Through successfully harnessing SAP’s powerful ERP solution, businesses can run all of their key business functions, and a number of important peripheral activities, through a single ERP tool. With more than 300 different SAP apps available, organisations have the freedom to mould SAP to meet their specific needs. But each time businesses extend the capabilities of their ERP, and in turn become increasingly reliant on their SAP solution as the heartbeat of their organisation, it adds further complexity to an already intricate and complicated IT environment. This also makes it harder for overstretched IT teams to genuinely monitor their ERP’s performance, and the subsequent impact on the business overall. This comes at a time when digital experience is a deciding factor in business success. Both users and customers have high expectations of the experiences an organisation delivers. And when your ERP is the foundation of the critical business functions that power these experiences, any issues across the apps that make-up your SAP solution, whether that’s performance degradation, code-level issues, or security vulnerabilities, can quickly become unwanted sticking points. Fail to deliver the experiences demanded, and the reputation, productivity and profitability of your business will likely be impacted. As such, successfully monitoring and managing your SAP solution is arguably just as critical for the success of your business as the applications themselves.

Where SAP monitoring falls down today

Many organisations are still encountering two common challenges that impede their successful monitoring of SAP: First off, several existing monitoring tools come with their own limitations. There are a host of different options available, including SAP’s own Solution Manager, the SolMan platform. While each of these go some way to reporting on the health of your SAP solution, they are solely influenced by SAP-borne data, and have zero visibility over the wider production environment or delivery chain. This creates a narrow view of SAP health, and significantly limits the ability to interrogate performance or identify the root cause of issues. The other major challenge is resource. As IT environments grow and become more complex, IT teams simply cannot dedicate either the time or budget necessary to monitor their SAP environment to the required level, including the swift identification and resolution of issues hampering performance. Solving one of these challenges will also only go part way to supporting effective monitoring. Yes, deploying a more sophisticated monitoring tool will deliver greater levels of visibility, but you will only realise the value when you have the skills, time and resources to harness its capabilities and insights effectively. Equally, re-aligning your existing resource will only achieve so much if your team are restricted by the limited insights of your current monitoring.

To truly overcome the challenges of SAP monitoring, you must combine the latest world-class tools with dedicated and expert resource, which is exactly what you can achieve with an SAP monitoring managed service.

What is an SAP monitoring managed service?

Delivered using world-class AppDynamics Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools, our SAP monitoring managed service combines expertise and technology to ensure the successful monitoring of your critical business applications. Managed by our expert team, we bring a wealth of technical acumen and application monitoring expertise to your business. We’ll support the deployment and optimisation of the AppDynamics agents across your SAP solution and wider environment to provide detailed performance insights that help you truly understand how your critical apps are performing, and quantify in real-time the genuine impact on your business. Here are just a few of the ways your business could benefit from engaging an SAP monitoring managed service.

1) See SAP through the lens of your business

Even if you already recognise SAP as a critical tool within your organisation, you might not fully be able to contextualise the intrinsic link between the health of these apps and the success of your business. As part of our managed service, we’ll leverage the unique capabilities of AppDynamics to connect application performance insights with the key metrics that define the overall performance of your business. This brings crucial context to the health of your SAP environment and enables you to see the impact of application issues or changes in performance on real-world measures such as basket spend or conversion rate. Using these insights, we’ll create a customised dashboard that gives you real-time insights into performance and business impact to help you make informed decisions.

2) Actionable insights on your biggest needs

Harnessing the deep insights AppDynamics delivers into both SAP and non-SAP metrics, our expert team will interrogate events and alerts as they are raised to identify root causes and help you prioritise remediation in line with business impact.

3) Free up your team to add value elsewhere

We’ve already established the importance of SAP monitoring to the success of your business, but delivering this effectively is no small endeavour. By engaging our managed service, you can alleviate the admin burden on your team, and place the monitoring of your critical applications in our expert hands. As a result, you can lean on our expertise to get more from the SAP apps you use today, confident in the knowledge that your critical apps are being expertly monitored, all whilst freeing up your own resource to add value in other areas of your business.

We’re here to do the heavy lifting

No matter the makeup of your current SAP environment, our expert team are ready to support your business with ongoing monitoring to keep your critical apps performing to their best.

If you’re interested in engaging a SAP managed service, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements, or register for a Proof of Value to see the benefits for yourself.