The first major advantage of DevSecOps is allowing organizations to take the Agile principles of software development and apply them to the rest of the company. Agile will no longer just be practiced in software development but extended into business operations. The result will be lean practices that offer faster time to market as well as built-in quality. By implementing DevSecOps principles, organizations empower developers to move faster while maintaining quality and efficiency.

Analyze End To End Performance

With Unified Monitoring you’ll be able to ensure that applications perform as expected in test, pre-production and production environments. Should any issues arise you will immediately be able to easily identify and get down to the line of code that is the root cause of any application performance issue whatever its language.

Faster Time To Market

DevSecOps enables Continuous Delivery which will make you ship software faster. Consider the trend "every company is a software company" in the context of time-to- market opportunities. The company that releases their software the fastest wins and the only way to accelerate speed of software delivery is by end-to- end automation that allows a delivery process from the developer machine to the production server without human intervention. DevSecOps is the enabler of this automation process.

Ensure The Quality Of Every Release

In organizations that have embraced DevSecOps, everyone is accountable for building and running an application that works as expected. The entire team shares the same goals around quality, performance, user experience, stability, security and even time to market. The DevSecOps principles ensure everything is monitored, every change is known, and everyone understands how each release impacts quality.

Improve Customer Experience

The most important reason to adopt a DevSecOps culture is delivering better quality services faster to your end customers. By introducing a culture focused of collaboration with multiple feedback loops between Dev, Ops, and business teams, organizations can identify issues earlier in the development pipeline, ship less bad code, reduce time spent fire-fighting, improve mean time to repair and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.


Integrate Operations & Software Development

From Microservices to Mainframes, more and more demands are being placed on operations. Your being asked to get to market quicker by driving faster delivery of software and ensuring 100% uptime. Leverage centralized management and real-time machine analytics throughout the software delivery lifecycle and across all your infrastructure to enable real-time application and business insights.

Streamline Service Delivery

DevSecOps brings the confidence teams across the entire enterprise need to move forward quickly. By replacing the loosely coupled and error-prone handoffs used in the traditional waterfall process with a continuous pipeline that leads from development to operations, teams learn from experience that they can move quickly, deploy small changes often, detect issues and opportunities in near real-time and as often as possible and finally, react by rolling forward, not by reverting.

Unify Management For Better User Experience

In a digitized economy you need to ensure proactive identification and resolution of emerging application issues before they impact your business whilst ensuring your monitoring tools don’t drain your resources. By adopting a single unified monitoring and analytics platform you’ll be able to eliminate the difficulties and costs of managing complex distributed SILO management tools from mobile to DB management with almost 0 overhead.

Incident Management and Service Delivery

Have the ability to understand what the impact of any incident is on your business. Losing a server is obviously an issue but what is the real time impact on your business? With end to end monitoring and business analytics you’ll immediately understand what outcomes any operational incidents bring to your business, the best way to resolve them as well as what if any customers where affected.

Increased Operational Efficiency

With DevSecOps you’ll find there’s a great deal more collaboration and less conflict between development and operations, simply because the continuous delivery model will collapse the responsibilities of development and operations into a single cycle. DevSecOps will allow you to make the right decisions, faster and far more efficiently.


Assess & Plan Accurately

Go beyond basic infrastructure health metrics and understand how your infrastructure affects the true performance of your applications all the way down to their business transaction and code level. Gain the visibility to build, run, operate and secure applications whatever their type or infrastructure requirements.

Smooth Migrations

Using Application mapping to baseline your organizations business processes and applications, including software, servers, storage, security, networking infrastructure and data flows whatever your desired next step is, you’ll have a much better understanding of, and more control over, your environment as well as what need to be done for the future of your IT infrastructure.


Very often suppliers will come to you and pitch how and why investing in their products and/or services will help improve the speed of your applications, improve your business provide a better customer experience and so on. With business intelligence as an integral part of DevSecOps you’ll be able to predict the outcome of what changes in your infrastructure will have on your business as well as measure investments.

Scale Correctly

Often scaling up is failing up. Eventually you will get to a point that either the cost becomes uneconomical or there is no bigger hardware made. The correct deployment of DevSecOps tools will enable you to correctly determine how to scale as demands increases and validate horizontal as opposed to vertical scaling options in all environments.

Full Visibility

Gain the visibility needed to run and secure modern applications. More and more demands are being placed on all IT teams but especially on Infrastructure. For IT organizations that have embraced DevSecOps, everyone is accountable for building and running an application that works as expected. The entire team shares the same goals around quality: performance, user experience, stability, security and even time to market. The DevSecOps principles ensure everything is monitored, every change is known and understands what role and how infrastructure plays its part..


Maximize Efficiency

A major advantage of adopting a DevSecOps culture is the elimination of IT silos. A typical IT team hosts many disciplines with each comes its own certified professionals all of whom may have conflicting views of what needs to be done. DevSecOps practices and tools will eliminate the need for ‘guesswork’ providing with accuracy the correct course of action that needs to be taken.

Improve Productivity

The ability to bring new revenue-generating services online faster is the key theme included in a DevSecOps culture. Organizations can overcome the overheads of internal processes in launching and updating new services or features by applying DevSecOps methodology, allowing them to respond quickly to market demands

Elimination Of ‘War-Room’

In a Traditional IT organization, releasing software into production is a high-risk proposition. It’s fraught with issues, escalations, and constant fire-fighting and then when an error occurs in production the ‘finger pointing’ begins. DevSecOps organizations create a dedicated cross functional team with every member of the various parts of IT represented and all of them being held accountable for one and only one thing, they all end up having just one definition of done and when and if an issue does occur you’ll be able to identify exactly where it is and who’s responsible for resolution.

Business Valuation

Digitization means the business depends on IT expenditure to flourish but often IT managers can have a tough time convincing the business to spend. By utilizing business intelligence within your management system you’ll be able to accurately predict the business outcome of every dollar spent in any adds, moves or changes.

Improve Innovation

Innovation is the key to digital transformation. In today's world, that manifests itself in software. Organizations need to remove obstacles that impede developer productivity and streamline processes that artificially delay time to market. The bottom line is DevSecOps helps organizations accelerate the delivery of quality software to better address customer needs.


Improve Support Quality

One of the most important advantages of DevSecOps is the ability to obtain continuous feedback and incorporate it more expeditiously into supporting the business. Operations will be able to respond far effectively and efficiently to the needs of the business by understanding what exactly needs to be done proactively.

Eliminate MTTR

By focusing on performance throughout the lifecycle and not just the testing phase DevSecOps teams will be able to prevent issues from getting into products before they ship and become harder to fix. Excessive, costly reworks will be avoided, while paving the way for highly satisfying and engaging user experiences. But if issues should arise in production baseline intelligence will warn you before it becomes a production issue right down to the source code.

Improve Customer Service

All too often organizations become aware of issues thru customer complaints and support teams can waste hours in their attempt to trace issues. With best in class DevSecOps tools and practices you’ll find that exact customer transaction thru records or in real time and identify root cause of customer dissatisfaction by tracing the exact route, supporting infrastructure and code that user journey utilizes

Reduce Risk Of Chang

Traditionally IT have always feared change, which is a major root cause for many operational issues. Today change is not only inevitable but necessary to deliver the speed and agility expected from IT by business. Transition to DevSecOps and automation of the entire change lifecycle from build to run as a single integrated end-to-end process will minimize the risk of introduced changes while accelerating its pace.


Secure The Workforce

As your users are mobile and connect straight to their cloud apps they are no longer protected by your legacy security systems. With our leading Cloud Security solution you’ll provide a full security stack with all the protection you’ll ever need.

Protect Apps & Data

Our Cloud Security Service will provides seamless, zero trust access to private applications running on public cloud or within the data center. Your applications are never exposed to the internet, making them completely invisible to unauthorized users.

Secure Customer Access

Our cloud service will provide your business customers fast, seamless, and secure access to applications over the internet, whether they’re hosted in the data center or public and private clouds.