Digital Transformation

Every enterprise, in every industry is having to digitally transform the way they operate. This means using innovations in technology (e.g. mobile, IoT, connected cars etc.) to deliver new digital services that enhance customer experience and improve employee productivity. At the centre of these digital services is software. DevSecOps is essential to being able to deliver digital services at speed and with quality, it's a foundational element of successful digital transformation.


When you have dozens of teams all working with different schedules, cycles, launches, and architectures it's very easy for leadership, and the larger organization to get out of sync. With DevSecOps you’ll see what's going on and maintain traceability as well as accountability thru all your teams.


With DevSecOps you’ll create cohesion thru all your teams so that business value is brought to the foreground for all departments. Every effort put forth is designed to shorten feedback loops, focus on continuous improvements, and above all, put the needs of the end user or customer before everything else. This line of thinking will mean you achieve higher efficiency towards innovating new products and services and the agility to change with markets and competition.


DevSecOps will transform your business to deliver innovation and agility that can help achieve business outcomes and competitiveness. The transformation brings better collaboration, automation and process improvement that will allow you to deliver and measure results based on business needs. Organizational ‘divisions’ will become strategic business ‘partners’ as opposed to cost centres.


Understand Customer Behaviour

Understand the performance and availability of your applications while optimizing capabilities that provide the visual evidence and full context for analysing customer behaviour and addressing customer pain points. Understand why and where customer engagement falls below your KPI’s and work with business and development teams for improvement.

Improve Business Impact

Identify all the key ‘magic moments’ especially those that have the highest correlation to customer loyalty and implement automated performance collection and measurement whether part of a linked value chain, services designed to drive a recurring revenue model or even be delivered by partners through API’s. Whatever the model enable capability of providing a unified end-user view into every contextual, situational or transactional interaction be it mobile app or web-based, because it’s here that loyalty is determined, and promoters are formed.

Instrument Culture

Align with metrics like NPS with tools that can embed these behaviours into everyday operational practices. Improving customer experience is a shared goal, so processes must facilitate the feedback of intelligence between Dev and Ops, while also meeting the needs of every function (Developers, Operations, Support etc.) within each group, especially in context of the role each plays in improving customer experience.

Identify Loss

With advanced analytics you’ll not only be able to create predictive and prescriptive analytical models but use embedded end to end business intelligence to identify who your affected customers/prospects are when disruptive issues arise, accurately and in real-time. DevSecOps will also allow you to collaborate with sales & marketing as you use this data for ‘win-back’ processes.



Automation and DevSecOps go together. A DevSecOps culture will enable your teams to be competent across several disciplines, making it easier to balance work flow increasing overall productivity. The combination of automation and productivity can help keep DevOps teams lean and mean.

Return On Investment

DevSecOps will enable your business to make money with its data more quickly. All businesses are now data businesses, and to recognize value from its data, your business must have an automated and agile approach to operate on that data. With DevSecOps utilities automating Big Data tools, you’ll save time, money and quickly recoup valuable opportunity costs. Automation and business intelligence will allow financial teams to measure exactly the business value of each investment.

Quicker Growth

Your growth comes from the increased sales of existing products/services and/or the introduction of new solutions. Building a better product is core to the DevOps mission. The definition of DevSecOps is the increased probability that you will find product/market fits. This means, if you can quickly iterate to find what customers need, you’ll sell more of it. By building DevOps into your organization, you’ll find what customers need faster, so you can grow your business quicker.

Long Term Stability

A DevSecOps culture will increase stability of your product and infrastructure. By turning around quick iterations, product solutions should continually be more reliable as well. If the product performs well, customers rely on it. The result? Loyal customer bases and steadier revenue streams. Another aspect of long-term stability is predictability of resources and expenses. DevSecOps will drive that predictability by closely tying demand for solutions to your expenses. A DevSecOps program can deliver on a regular cadence of product which can translate into increased visibility and stability for organizations.


Support Marketing Integration

The starting point for marketing applications of DevSecOps is the support and integration of media, messages, and mechanisms for customer experience improvement. DevSecOps adoption will help you manage by development, integration, and maintenance a true ‘MarTech’ system in real time supported by real time business intelligence.

MarDev Toolchain

Imagine structuring your marketing content publishing process as an adaptation of DevOps. You’ll be able to ‘Plan and Monitor’ with a joint marketing and technology tactical planning/monitoring approach. On the tech. side you can set the technical requirements for whatever ‘MarTech’ systems will be required to build or integrate and then monitor the performance and stability of these systems in real time.

Effective Campaigning

Using DevSecOps marketing teams can deliver the right content at the right time to the sales team in the same way that development teams will collaborate with operations to deliver the tools needed, when they are needed, to the business. With DevSecOps collaboration across the entire organization , speed and out-innovating the competition are facilitated.

Better Leads & Follow-Up

Marketing will have more qualified leads. Using DevSecOps you’ll have a measured and accountable way of putting leads into the sales pipeline that’ll mean less time salespeople spend on finding leads or nurturing less qualified ones. You’ll be able to increase the value of leads as you measure them against KPI’s and react in real-time to customers who’ve undergone a poor software experience.

HR & Legal

Regulatory Compliance

As lawyers you can’t review every code commit, but its important your not left in the dark. DevSecOps can ensure your communication with the people developing, testing and deploying your code. Creating or modifying an app or software service may require changes to an End-User license agreement, service-level agreement or other legal document as well as compliance issues to factor in. Therefore, it’s essential your legal needs to be plugged into the continuous delivery chain.

Business Continuity

Developers and operators who power continuous delivery chains are not yet robots who are always available and never take vacations or move onto other jobs. They're human beings whose roles change and who are not always available. To keep continuous delivery chains operating smoothly as employees come and go, get promoted, go on vacation and so on, HR should collaborate with the professionals responsible for continuous delivery. HR can help ensure that new employees are on-boarded smoothly, and vacant positions are filled quickly to minimize disruptions to the business.


A true DevSecOps environment should mean all business stakeholders have visibility into all business processes. DevSecOps tools and practices will empower legal & HR to measure and validate internal resources as well as external suppliers. See who’s contributing what and measure personnel or departmental KPI’s, monitor and audit services provider & supplier performance as you measure in real time their delivery on SLA’s.


DevSecOps is a culture, it’s a culture that is key to the evolution of business as it becomes a digital business. Just as the performance of your company will depend on how well you transform to source your products and services thru software and provide the best customer experience on your digital platform(s), the performance of your team and its members must be merited in terms of their contributions to the system as well as individual performance. Adopting DevSecOps will enable you to measure ‘success’ via any combination of qualitative or quantitative metrics.


Secure Digital Transformation

With security controls built into a unified cloud platform your organization will communicate with each other to give you a cohesive picture of all the traffic that’s moving across your network.

Scalable Security

You can add new features and thousands of users easily whilst managing their performance and ensuring you have the world’s best cloud security protection.

Intelligent Protection

The cloud learns from every user and connection; any new threat is blocked for all as Security and other services talk to each other, so you get full visibility.