What is DevSecOps?

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DevSecOps is the evolution of the DevSecOps philosophy. It is a concept that assures security is part of the software development, migration & operations lifecycle. If DevSecOps is about increasing the level of communication between development and operations, then DevSecOps is about ensuring those applications being secure once they are in production.

Why DevSecOps?

The ability to deploy applications in the cloud has improved both scale and speed, the move to Agile and DevSecOps methodologies (and with that, continuous delivery) making failed application launches a thing of the past. DevSecOps, the principle of integrating development and IT operations under a “single automated umbrella” has helped with everything from more frequent feature releases to increased application stability.

Yet many security and compliance monitoring tools have not kept up with this pace of change, as they simply were not built to provide security at the speed DevSecOps requires. This has only solidified the view that security is the biggest threat to rapid application deployment and IT innovation.

While DevSecOps has become a standard for Agile high-performing enterprises moving to the cloud and a foundation for the success of their online business when security becomes fully integrated DevSecOps will become the standard for Agile businesses.

Why DevSecOps?

Digitization of business means that more & more businesses are becoming highly if not totally dependent on software, your customer facing applications are now your business representatives and in today’s world a poor customer experience is the fastest and most popular reason business is lost.

A DevSecOps strategy provides the ability to reduce risks associated to each new delivery of software functionality in any production environment by enabling collaboration of all business units. Your business stakeholders such as management, marketing, finance, manufacturing etc. will be able to control when and what new features are available to end users who continuously demand changes and improvements.

DevSecOps will allow greater adaptation to IT and digital transformation (IoT, intelligent platforms, big data, etc.) incorporating real business intelligence into every decision and the ability to measure their results in real time. You will be able to speed up continuous software delivery, manage and analyse in real time without compromising the stability of your systems in production.

ONOTIO & DevSecOps

Our experience, services and best in class tools enable our clients to reach ‘secure business driven digitization’, i.e. ‘to frame continuous delivery and application management from the perspective of your cliental to meet business goals and provide a flawless secure customer experience’. The way you will release, manage, and ensure secure software will become as important as the software itself. ONOTIO will enable you to satiate increasing consumer expectations without compromising the integrity of your applications. We will allow you to harness continuous delivery, to manage and analyse building a secure collaborative digital workforce providing your organization the world’s best in class solutions.

As you achieve a DevSecOps culture you will evolve into a breadth of collaborated processes. These processes will work together to help your teams deliver better secure software, faster. Once this software hits production you will be able to manage and analyse not just performance but real time business metrics integrating AIOps empowering your business leaders to measure any kind of KPI’s.

We will help you achieve secure organizational digitization and enable the skills and responsibilities that are required in a DevSecOps culture increasing confidence and communication across all stakeholders enabling a truly secure customer and business driven digital environment.


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